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Integrate Active Directory with ShowWorks software to seamlessly synchronise users and agents.

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MS Active Directory Teams Integration

If you’re from the education sector, or a larger organisation with lots of staff, you’re more than likely to have all of your end-users stored in an Active Directory structure of containers.

If your LDAP containers are in good order, you can mirror the structure within ShowWorks, all at the click of a button. Even if your LDAP structure needs some attention, ShowWorks can adapt the tree structure to how you wish to structure it, whilst running an ongoing, regular sync of data.

Should anyone leave the organisation, ShowWorks will inactivate users that are no longer active in the directory, if no tasks exist for them. If they are still with you, bring over all the information about them in your AD into ShowWorks!

If you are supporting end-users internally, are within an education organisation, or have access to Customer’s Active Directories, ShowWorks can integrate with their containers, to populate your Area/Client treeview as part of an ongoing sync. The Active Directory wizard allows Sites to be linked to OU Containers in the Active Directory. If your Active Directory is in good order, and sensibly organised, ShowWorks can easily mimic this.

The functionality within ShowWorks that allows Active Directory information to be mapped to their relevant ShowWorks fields within the setup. Leave the Active Directory as the Master Database, and update ShowWorks on an ongoing Active Directory sync.

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