Plan, track and manage teams and tasks from a single flexible platform.

Use building blocks to build out your team processes - to give you everything you need to hit deadlines, centralise information and report effectively.

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Learn the building blocks of the Team Suite in 3 simple steps.

the team suite

1. It all starts with a board.

the team suite

A board is a customisable space that you can shape fully. You can add your teams and choose the information shown to create a mission control for your departments work.

2. Next comes the task.

the team suite

A task you undertake as a business can have many subjects, from creating and budgeting productions to managing suppliers to sending quotes and invoices.

Give them a name here and shape them to reflect what you're working on. You can add actions and custom tags to move them around and capture relevant data. Then use email through the system to connect to third parties to centralise work.

the team suite
the team suite

3. Then finally the workflow.

the team suite

Workflows allow you to visually map out your processes, and choose what actions are available at every stage. Made with drag-and-drop builders, you can add these to your tasks to give them direction.

So whether your creating production milestones or reflecting your sales pipeline, you can ensure it follows a repeatable, auditable path to lay the groundwork for reporting against processes to get deep business insights fast.

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Smooth operator

Plugin your telephone system to automatically get access to all information on the number called, and turn calls into task seamlessly.

Get the big picture at a glance

Building the best work productivity works better when it's driven by data. You get instant access to all insights that deliver value - and the deeper understanding of your work and business that comes with it.

The Team Suite on the go

Switch between desktop and mobile with the ShowWorks apps. All the power you need to work on the go.

A new shared way of working.

Say goodbye to disjointed tools and apps. Bring work online to a single shared space empowering you to plan, track and organise across teams.

Everything you need, all in one place.

Link multiple departments together using the common set of core capabilities to empower you to bring everyone's work in under a single cloud system.

The Cast Suite

Application Forms

Customisable application forms built for mobile.

Visual Workflow

Sort your intake with image based workflow.

Video Calling

Auto recording 4-way video calling, that saves for studio use.

Video Edit Studio

Integrated Cloud video edit studio

Contributor Storage

365 day annual storage of collected contributors.

The Team Suite


Transparent and easy production planning and management.


360 ITSM management.


Powerful finance tools.


Secure Legal tools.


Sales CRM and workflow.

Everything you need, all in one place.

Link multiple departments together using the common set of core capabilities to empower teams by bringing everyone's work in under a single cloud system.

A 20/20 approach to entertainment

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