Align and integrate IT to the business needs.​

Deliver an exceptional service with a fast, simple and fully configurable system. Fully tailored ITSM to suit your business, we grow with you as your needs change.

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ShowWorks TS

Align and integrate IT to the business needs.​

Deliver an exceptional service with a fast, simple and fully configurable system. Fully tailored ITSM to suit your business, we grow with you as your needs change.

ShowWorks TS

100,000+ teams and organisations of all sizes, from 40+ countries use ShowWorks:

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All-in-one software for event planners.

Flexible software designed to bring together media and entertainment teams.

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Easy Setup, Brilliantly Configurable

Work together using ShowWorks collaboration tools to stay connected, keep to deadlines, and manage projects effectively.

IT Requests

Set new hires up for success, fast. Make sure new hires’ first day runs as smoothly as possible. Customise ShowWorks forms and give teams an easy way to submit IT requests, and track progress to ensure flawless delivery.

Facility Management

Ensure your facilities and spaces are in top shape. ShowWorks makes oversight and maintenance of your IT work environment simple. Automate your work order management, follow up on maintenance requests, and make sure you’re utilising your assets properly.

Supplier Management

Keep your relationship with suppliers in happy harmony. Your organisation needs access to supplies at the right time, in the right place, and at the right price. ShowWorks gives you the ability to track needs, manage contracts, check on delivery and eliminate bottlenecks.

Inventory and Orders

Manage your inventory to keep track of orders in a glance. Make sure your orders are filled on time while keeping track of your inventory at all times. Manage IT requests, prices, order status and make sure nothing falls between the cracks.

Contract Management

Control what is sold to your customers. Track dates and documents, or go further and work out what is billed, where and how in accordance with contract data.

Auto-Asset Discovery

Automate the identification of the assets in your company with ShowWorks. Simplify the process of maintaining assets by automating the collection process.

Inventory Management

Catalogue and keep track of stock controls and costing analysis for easy traceability and a seamless service. Create items manually, or import them from an existing database.

Remote Tools

Use the default remote tool, or plugin in your preferred favourite to be able to jump straight onto problem devices to resolve issues, to deliver quick effective service, repeatedly.

Gain More Control Over the Assets and Items Lifecycle.

Out of the box ITIL aligned, we create an easy onboarding experience to bring ITIL frameworks into your organisation.

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Any process, any team, anywhere.

Industry teams of all sizes use the Team Suite to manage their work.

Let loose your creative power with one holistic solution.

Convert your creativity into impressive results with ShowWork's easy-to-use digital workspace. Deliver quality work on time and manage everything in one place – from clients and project planning to invoicing and reports.

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Bring your team, department or entire business under one easy, visual platform. Create your ideal workflow in minutes or pick out ready made industry configs from other teams using ShowWorks. The fast, easy-to-use interface means you can get started quickly, and temp staff can get focused on their role and not need to spend time getting up to speed with complex software.

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Get the big picture at a glance.

Building the best work productivity works better when it's driven by data. You get instant access to all insights that deliver value.

Use analytics to gain deep insights into your team, department or business - to turn data into actionable decisions to better improve how you work. You can create your own reports, or pick from the free 2,000+ other reports created by other real teams using ShowWorks. You can set automated report delivery so you don't need to make time to review reports - they are sent to you directly, whenever you want. Use Dashboards to create a real-time mission control to better understand trends, and where to focus team energy - they also look great on TV's.

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Get started in minutes,
not days or weeks.

Quick start with intuitive design that's simple to master quickly.

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Extend ShowWorks
with apps.

Connect ShowWorks with the tools you already use to have all your team’s work in one place.

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Plug existing tools into ShowWorks to centralise data and connect workflows together. Bring your data together with available integrations from different tools to get more from the Team Suite. Your team and your data can stay automatically updated and centralised to improve reporting and delivery time-saving automation.

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Power in your pocket.

Double X SW V4

Switch between desktop and mobile. All the power you need to run your team on the go.

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A new shared way of working.

Say goodbye to disjointed tools and apps. Bring work online to a single shared space empowering you to plan, track and organise across teams.

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Everything you need, all in one place.

Link multiple departments together using the common set of core capabilities to empower you to bring everyone's work in under a single cloud system.

The Cast Suite

Application Forms

Customisable application forms built for mobile.

Visual Workflow

Sort your intake with image based workflow.

Video Calling

Auto recording 4-way video calling, that saves for studio use.

Video Edit Studio

Integrated Cloud video edit studio

Contributor Storage

365 day annual storage of collected contributors.

The Team Suite


Transparent and easy production planning and management.


360 ITSM management.


Powerful finance tools.


Secure Legal tools.


Sales CRM and workflow.

Everything you need, all in one place.

Link multiple departments together using the common set of core capabilities to empower teams by bringing everyone's work in under a single cloud system.

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