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Office365 Integration

HaloPSA has its own integrated calendar feature, that allows you to make appointments and tasks within requests, in it’s own separate area, and merge with your calendars elsewhere. By Customer demand, we have allowed the calendar and appointments functionality in HaloPSA to be compatible with Office 365

Everything from request related appointments, separate or project tasks, personal events, meetings, annual leave, all collated together, and managed in the one place for each login. Set reminders, book for multiple logins, inform users, use approximate arrival times, make private and much more.

Book Appointments and Set Task Reminders in Office 365

Whether it’s to call your end user back, schedule actions internally, or site visits. Whatever the reason, schedule multiple appointments from within a ticket. Add the Subject for the appointment, start date and time, end date and time, indicate if confirmed with the relevant parties, and which Agent it is applicable to.

HaloPSA will then push your appointments out to your Agents’ calendars. This amazing, intelligent 2-way functionality works with Office 365 Calendars on your domain and many more, for example Exchange or Google Calendars. Each Agent has their own HaloPSA calendar in the help desk software. These can be viewed separately, or collectively in a group HaloPSA calendar from the main screen.

Add to HaloPSA Calendar from Office 365

HaloPSA has its own centralised calendar, where each Agent can have their own calendar, or you can group Agents appointments together, with personalised colour selection to identify. You control what information comes out of the ticket and into the HaloPSA calendar entry using $variables of multiple data fields from the database.

The intelligent 2-way updating allows you to update in one place, to update the other. So, if you update the calendar time/date in your Office 365 calendar, it will update your HaloPSA calendar. If you update the appointments in the ticket, it will then update both your HaloPSA and regular calendars.

Add to Appointments to Office 365

HaloPSA has the capability to inject your Agent’s appointments to your choice of calendar, for example Office 365. This includes any ticket data you would like to include as well. Furthermore, if your calendar account is synced with your smartphone you can allow appointments to be synced automatically allowing you to see your entire schedule in one place.

What’s most impressive about this integration is that when you update the appointment in HaloPSA, for example who it’s assigned to, it will update that appointment on the platform and the calendar you have chosen to sync your appointments to. HaloPSA will handle all the hard work for you, removing this appointment from the original agent in HaloPSA and your chosen calendar, then amending this with the new information on both platforms!

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