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Lion Television uses ShowWorks to get cost-effective casting results.

Lion Television was founded in 1997 and is one of the most successful television production companies in the UK.

Lion makes programmes for all UK terrestrial channels as well as cable, satellite and network for UK and US broadcasters. Currently the company has more than 200 production staff at its London, Glasgow and New York bases.

It also has produced numerous titles for Channel 4 and PBS in America and received a number of accolades, including an RTS award, Learning on
Screen award and BAFTA’s.

When casting it’s latest commission, Just One Night, Lion found themselves disiring more from the casting process, knowing that a cast is a cornerstone of any good TV show, they wanted to add efficiency and quality to this area over current legacy ways.

It was a great, secure, easy-to-use system, which made the casting process quicker. We found that the all-in-one platform was ideal when needing to work from home.

- Cameron Holt, Assistant Producer, Lion TV

When it came to casting shows, the standard setup normally involved the usual mix of excel/google sheets, skype and stand-alone editing software. This would lead to delays in the process, not giving the team what they needed, when they needed it. Bottlenecks found were large drop off from contributors as stages in the process went on, leading to friction and repetitive work to create a cast for the new production.


With the ShowWorks Cast Suite, the team lead reported that the freelance casting team really loved to use the new system, with comments highlighting the easy-to-use interface, and how visual contributors profiles would automatically populate into the system in relevant queues – and give the team a quick understanding if whether they would be suitable for the show. With all of the needed tools, which usually cause delays, being incorporated into the system – this is what attributed to the largest factor to why the speed of the process was substantially increased. 

Where writing budgets for contributor heavy shows, I wouldn't hesitate to use ShowWorks in future.

- Richie West, Production Manager, Lion TV

The show format required multiple roles, with an application for couples, and for singles. This was a key requirement by Lion to ensure the differentiation was made. This wasn’t an issue as the Cast Suite, as it was able to handle an unlimited number of roles, each support by their own custom application form, which can be branded to the shows colours, branding, and relevant role questions. With the onboarding delivered, and questions discussed, approved and uploaded to the applications the casting went live and immediately the results started to roll in.

With the 2-stage application forms, designed to capture the criticals in case of application form drop out – this ensured that there was a secure separated bank of hopefuls in case the team started to struggle for good cast talent. This turned out to not be the case as the mobile-first designed forms started to attract completed applications, leading to a healthy number of quality contributors to shows. All incoming with the correct information required, with media and location pinpointed on the map dashboard to give the team an overview of the casting hopefuls.

The integrated 4-way auto-recording video calling started to put to work – giving cast team members the ability to not need to leave the ShowWorks ecosystem and manage all casting from one single tool. With the Video calls finished, they are auto-saved to the profile they are related to, ready for download or for use in the video editing suite, which allowed the senior members of the casting team to put together edited clips of the hopeful cast members into casting reels to show to Lion’s executives for approvals.

Finally, with the visual casting workspace, the casting team were able to quickly piece together the final line up ready for use in Lion’s latest show, Just One Night, airing on BBC Three this year.

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Link multiple departments together using the common set of core capabilities to empower you to bring everyone's work in under a single cloud system.

The Cast Suite

Application Forms

Customisable application forms built for mobile.

Visual Workflow

Sort your intake with image based workflow.

Video Calling

Auto recording 4-way video calling, that saves for studio use.

Video Edit Studio

Integrated Cloud video edit studio

Contributor Storage

365 day annual storage of collected contributors.

The Team Suite


Transparent and easy production planning and management.


360 ITSM management.


Powerful finance tools.


Secure Legal tools.


Sales CRM and workflow.

Everything you need, all in one place.

Link multiple departments together using the common set of core capabilities to empower teams by bringing everyone's work in under a single cloud system.

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